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tv   Sunday Morning Futures With Maria Bartiromo  FOX Business  March 13, 2022 6:00pm-7:00pm EDT

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♪♪ maria: welcoming good sunday morning. welcome to "sunday morning futures." i am maria bartiromo. russian terrorists, no other way to describe the thugs that have captured and -- murdered women and children and nuclear threats. debate limits to their support. temperatures today. mike pompeo is here. the threat of communist china.
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his first in your interview since returning. power and money really loosening ? chairman of the renewed democracy on the target. then a leadership on full display in ukraine as president volodymyr zelensky challenges churchill this week. [speaking in native tongue] >> we will continue fighting for our land whatever the cost. maria: a standing ovation for his defiance against evil. south carolina senator lindsey graham on what ukraine needs now and whether the u.s. is still wanting the age. why the prime minister of israel
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is weighing in as well. in washington, it has been one year almost to the day that joe biden signed a covert relief package into law. the impact on the economy one year later including forty-year highs and inflation surging. americans do not want to go back on the job. former trump advisor on the impact of bad policy. a cabinet apparently with no answers. watch this. >> how long should we be bracing for this historic inflation and unprecedented gas prices? ♪♪ >> kamala harris looks for answers and says just look at the map as our commander-in-chief looks for favors from dictators to pump
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more oil after killing americans independence on day one in office just as he promised. >> or more drilling on federal lands. no more drilling including offshore. no ability for the oil industry to continue to drill. number one. maria: former director of national intelligence john radcliffe with no intelligence on the iran deal and negotiators. hand-in-hand to dictators. instead of american producers. all that right here right now on "sunday morning futures." ♪♪ maria: first this morning, russia's terror on ukraine sparking calls to protect america against the other major threats, communist china.
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>> the emergency basis in the last 15 days in ukraine by providing them weapons. everything we are doing to break away from the russian economy to put a distance between our economy and their spirit to get our companies out of russia, we should be doing in china again right now. maria: returning from taiwan and singapore, in taiwan he received a very warm welcome with billboards and a medal of honor celebration, former secretary of state mike pompeo. thank you for being here. >> maria, it's great to be with you this morning. >> before we move on to your trip in taiwan, i want to get your take. your reaction to the breaking news this morning. an american journalist, photographer killed. in the fire that has continued throughout the night.
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secretary. >> i'm obviously sad for that journalist in the journalists family. but this is the kind of thing that happens when you fail at the core missions of american security which is two to tour the bad guys from continued aggression. the biden administration has been behind since last summer. we have known for months that a lot amir putin was building forces and building capability we should have been helping the ukrainians building forces and capability. too late, too slow, too small. there is still enormous hesitation, maria. if we do anything -- my observation i think the world can see is what is provocative is the weakness. being behind. letting vladimir putin drive the agenda and the mission and the timeline near the ukrainian people that want to stand up to defend their homeland and we've let vladimir putin walk all over
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them. there was a serious timely and strong to give them the tools they needed to do that. >> but why? why isn't the response better? why is in it more immediate? these are terrorist that are terrorizing a part of the world. why are we talking about limitations to the support we can offer? >> it is pretty unexplainable in some sense. if you go back to the strategy that the biden team laid out when they first came to office and the things he campaigned on, the top priority was climate change. prepared to work with vladimir putin, all comers if they could get someone to shut down a coal-fired coal plant. he understands hard power. he understands real strength. this administration has talked about things that are femoral and temporary and weak. remember when they shut down dell colonial pipeline in the southeast part of the states.
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the response to vladimir putin when biden met with him what don't do that again. that is not a serious response that putin would respect. you can see is ratcheting up the pressure. his objectives have not changed. he will continue this assault until he meets the united states that is prepared to help the ukrainians defend themselves in a serious way. maria: let me move on to your trip to taiwan and singapore. so many people are watching the ccp and its next move given the past comments about taking back or reuniting with taiwan. what did you hear on the ground? >> i've talked about the fact that ukraine is an absolute tragedy. we've been behind. what i'm really worried about his cascading series of crises overnight. there were missiles fired near him u.s. consulate in iraq.
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i was worried about the same thing. a series of cascading crises that affect them in their lives. i made the statement when i was in taiwan we ought to do the simple thing. everybody knows they have never been part of communist china. they don't want to be. we ought to be doing this things that we failed to do last summer we ought to be doing for taiwan. we work diligently to provide weapons to the taiwanese. they are prepared to do the hard work themselves. they will need support from the united states and japan, south korea. the southeastern asian countries they know she should ping is watching. he has watching the united states get rolled by vladimir putin. watching the things that america is willing to do to help our allies around the world.
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if we don't help, this will only embolden him. >> let me run this soundbite from marco rubio this week in the hearing in the senate. let me get your take on this part of this conflict. watch this. >> does ukraine have chemical weapons? >> ukraine has biological research facilities which, in fact, we are now quite concerned russian forces may be seeking to gain control of. >> if we knew that ukraine had the biological facilities before putin went in there, why did we not move to protect them? now we are worried about the potential for chemical biological weapons as well as these talks on nuclear weapons as well.
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>> remember the history of ukraine. nuclear weapons there. they were largely dismantled and moved in the 1990s. but there is a long legacy of the soviet union that remained inside of ukraine. we've all watch these nuclear power plants come under attack the russians as well. we should not underestimate vladimir putin's determination whether it's legacy biological systems inside of ukraine, the nuclear power plants themselves. vladimir putin had intent on succeeding. you have to get back the capstone level of deterrence that i work so hard to convince vladimir putin, i told them we would put pressure on their regimes at the cost of these are entities far exceeding any possible benefit for them. when you lose that, under secretary new lint about biological weapons, biological systems inside of ukraine, those are the kinds of things that put
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the world that risk, not just the ukrainian people. this is serious stuff. they sent the vice president to the region this week and she has only shown confusion and we speared i promise you putin is watching those video clips, too. >> what do you advise the administration to do right now. >> gave ukraine every tool that they need to defend themselves. they have shown their willingness and capability of doing it. they have shown they know how to execute against the russian military. the russians are determined speared they are big. they are powerful. we need to make sure that vladimir putin knows that it comes at bloodshed of their military and the cost back home. nato europe or the united states
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of america. we need to make sure that the balance is right so in the end putin has to concede to make a set of decisions that are vastly different than the ones he's been making the past few months. >> secretary, final question. do you expect the cc p to invade taiwan after what you witness in this debacle and ukraine. >> determined speared he has made clear his intention to unify with taiwan. what tools, tactics and timing is difficult to know. i only know this. it is not predetermined that he will be successful at that. if we think taking action to support the people -- it is not. this is an independent nation. they know it, the world knows it. we need to provide them the tools they need to maintain their own sovereignty. this is important for the whole world and the central idea that has allowed western civilization to advance a weight has the last
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few years. we cannot walk away from that. >> ukraine is an independent nation as well. >> secretary, it's great to have you this morning as well. >> thank you for having me on. maria: thank you, mike pompeo. one year almost to the day since president biden signed into law is to trillion dollar rescue plan. the ramifications one year later. later. stay with us. later. stay with us. later. stay with us. at jp morgan, the only definition of wealth that matters is yours. it can be a smaller house, but a bigger nest egg. a goal to work toward, or the freedom to walk away. with 200 years of experience, personalized advice, and commission free trades on an award-winning app, we are working for you. planning. investing. advice. jp morgan wealth management. you're a one-man stitchwork master.
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>> i want to know if you think and if you ask the united states to specifically accept more refugees. >> okay. [laughter] >> a friend in need is a friend indeed. [laughter] maria: more disturbing as kamala
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harris was all laughs and poland when asked about the fate of refugees that fled ukraine and what has become the largest displacement of people in europe since world war ii. steven miller served as senior policy advisor for president trump. stephen, good morning to you. thank you so much for being here i will start with the kamala harris presentation and easton europe. has she been effective? >> she has been one of the most spectacularly ineffective representatives of the united states of america i think we have ever seen. that moment with the president of poland where she is telling in indecipherable joke about ukrainian refugees that she herself and everyone understands
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third ukrainian refugees have suffered unimaginable horror and suffering. what joke she thinks there, what's funny about that? what she thinks we are laughing about, only she and her mind could understand this truly truly disturbing moment. >> tell me about the u.s.'s response and what should be done now. we are looking at solutions. more bloodshed. a result of foreign fire. your reaction. >> for 30 years, the united states has had the position that we want to expand nato eastward. more recently, especially 2008, the united states position has been that ukraine and georgia will join nato. the biden administration in the run-up to the invasion on november 10 issued a statement bilaterally with ukraine
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reaffirming the declaration. kamala harris likewise before the invasion went to europe and reaffirmed the desire of the administration or ukraine to join nato. nothing changes the fact that vladimir putin has committed atrocities that words cannot describe. at this point in time we are looking at a serial type of situation with endless bloodshed and violence. it is worth considering whether or not to publicly propose the condition of a negotiated settlement that includes ukrainian neutrality. it's not a permanent solution, it does not and the problems forever, it does not make these issues go away. it has the potential to save hundreds of thousands of lives that should be considered. if putin publicly rejected such a proposal, it would severely weaken his standing in his own country as he would be rejecting the rationale.
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>> and you think that this is something that president galinsky would accept? >> he has suggested. in light of the fact that the west has made clear that they do not intend ukraine to join anytime soon, he has reevaluated his own feelings about whether or not he also wishes to pursue nato membership at this time. you put ukraine in the worst position imaginable. it is quite heartbreaking. publicly say we want them to join nato, not actually having them in nato puts them in the most vulnerable edition imaginable. that is been the policy for many years except for under president trump. >> i want to play this soundbite of kamala harris when she was asked about gasoline prices this week because, there are many skeptics who say this administration does not really want to go against putin.
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they want him as a partner in climate change. they want him as a partner in iran deal. here's kamala harris with really no answers. watch how she responds. >> how long should we be racing for this really, sort of, historic inflation and some unprecedented gas prices? >> sure. >> in terms of the discussions that the president and i had, they ranged in subject. i will explain it in more detail as he would like. >> she goes on to say -- she had no answers for gasoline prices. >> it was a heart stopping moment. she was asked about gasoline
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prices and inflation in america and she tried to defer to the polish president? it is truly horrifying to think that the vice president of the united states lacks confidence so extremely on our domestic issues she wants the president of poland to discuss our gas prices and inflation? and then she starts stammering about the black sea and reading her notes. this is not a well person. between biden and harris the united states is completely rudderless. all of our adversaries and competitors around the world have taken notice. on this energy issue, it's not just about russia. it's about america's ability long term to be safe and secure. we cannot be unless biden's embargo on american energy is lifted and suspended or we will be in an infinitely worse position than germany.
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infinitely worse position than our european partners. we cannot as a country survive long-term if we are dependent on others for our energy. >> on the refugee situation, you think this is a humanitarian crisis, not a policy crisis for this administration. tell me about all the people trying to flee the bloodshed. where are they going? where should they be going? >> i don't think there is widespread disagreement between the united states and europe on what the best courses and hopefully it stays this way. there's an obligation on the part of our european partners to absorb the ukrainian refugees. the single most effective speedy way to ensure people are housed, clothed, have their medical needs met and would be extremely inefficient, extremely burdensome to try to resettle farther away when you are dealing with numbers of this magnitude.
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working with our european partners in sharing our expertise, logistical skills and providing that kind of support to ensure that neighboring countries and nearby countries in europe can help people have a home with the hope being that this conflict canon can take the lead to try to bring a conflict to the end so ukrainians can go home to their families and communities and places that they love. maria: stephen, thank you very much. thank you for joining us with your take on all of this. we have breaking news this morning. an american journalist shot and killed today in ukraine. we are on the ground. he was reporting that it happened. another american journalist also wounded. thirty-five people dead. 134 others injured after a russian missile headed ukrainian with terry facility just 12 miles away from the border of poland.
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missiles fired towards the u.s. consulate. a secret israeli base after an air raid killed two iranians last week. lindsey graham joins me now. thank you very much for being here. you have been saying throughout this conflict that you are calling for vladimir putin to be arrested or assassinated. give us your reaction to the events of the morning. >> we have industrialized chaos. chaos on an industrial scale. you have china saying if you give any weapons to taiwan, we are coming after you. you have the iranians firing at an american base in iraq. you have afghanistan becoming a new safe haven for terrorists and you have, i think i smell a sale out coming when it comes to ukraine. your last guest mentioned neutrality. putin does not want a neutral ukraine, he wants to eradicate
6:26 pm
ukraine. if you don't believe me, listen to him. he gave a speech last year what are region surrounding russia to re-create the former soviet union. i will be dead set against any bill that requires the ukrainian people to recognize half of the ukraine belongs to russia by force of arms. if there is any chemical weapons used by putin, that would be a war crime and i would be supportive of a no-fly zone as a response to that. war crimes being committed in front of you on television every day. the biden administration looks at putin as a partner for climate change and in iran deal maker rather than a war criminal. biden is more afraid of putin lose and then he is excited about ukraine winning. let you hear it from me. victory for ukraine. maria: why? why is this strategy a slow walk in terms of how ukraine -- can't
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u.s. and nato allies do more? without turning. >> well, it will not be world war iii. this is all a bluff. putin knows it. no one wins a nuclear exchange. i am calling for the crushing of the russian economy. even though our war and fight is not with the russian people, it is with putin. the only way this war ends is with putin going to jail or being taken out by his own people. you have to help the ukrainians. it is deplorable to me, dishonorable that we would not give 28 fighter jets to the ukrainians to defend their skies against russian aggression. the biden administration stop that transfer. one minute they say they are not using planes we have but if we give them more it would be world war iii.
6:28 pm
what happens if putin threatened biden any folded, give them the planes. the speech of poland by the vice president is not an adequate substitute to help the ukrainians defend themselves. i am all in. no boots on the ground, no-fly zone yet. chemical weapons used by putin, then i support a no-fly zone. >> let me get your take on the israeli component here. as malay prime minister spoke with vladimir putin, spoke with president volodymyr zelensky, tell me about the component and why they are weighing in? what the chessboard is including israel. >> here is israel's chessboard. syria is occupied by russia. they have hezbollah and iranian elements in syria that threaten the state of israel. an agreement with russia to head
6:29 pm
inside of syria israel does and they are worried about that. i understand that. i spoke with the israeli embassy. they deny they put any pressure on zielinski to accept that deal they have been slow in my view. way too evenhanded here. i understand israel's position. how does this end? it cannot end with the sellout of ukraine. it cannot end where we give half of ukraine to putin. what he will do is consolidate his power and a year or two from now take the rest. because he does not want a buffer from nato. he wants to reconstruct the soviet union. that is his ambition. we can stop him. if we go all into crush the economy, we should be taking every former soviet bloc country
6:30 pm
any aircraft missile systems and flood them into the ukraine and regain control of ukrainian skies. i think the ukrainians can win, but what breaks my heart as it appears biden is more worried about putin losing then ukraine winning. >> so you think that this is the sellout of ukraine. that is rarely potentially wanting to see ukraine taken down. >> i'm not saying it about israel, i am saying that they have discussions with putin, he has a war criminal. he wants all of ukraine eventually auntie will take it if we do not stop him here. i'm not suggesting that israel is selling out, i am suggesting that the biden administration has no stomach for this fight. the reason they are slow walking military aid to the ukrainians
6:31 pm
is they never expected putin to lose and they cannot embrace the idea that he would lose. he has a an irate dealmaker in the eyes of the biden administration. in my eyes he is a menace to mankind, he has a war criminal and he needs to be taken out by his own people. if we spent more time thinking about how to help ukraine when dan worrying about how to keep putin and power, we would be better off as to my israeli friends. i understand you have problem in syria. i've been one of your biggest champions. what i hope the world will do is speak with one voice that putin is a war criminal. no longer a legitimate leader and it is time for us to get him gone. it'd be better to have a russian leader that would not marry up with iran and syria to begin with. this is the best chance in 20 years to take this guy out. the russian people are the vehicle to do it. maria: thank you. senator, thank you.
6:32 pm
senator lindsey graham joining us this morning. coming up, john radcliffe on what intelligence officials are telling the american people versus what they are not telling us. wait until you hear this. new intel on the iranian deal. new intel on the iranian deal. short-term and long-term fate a financial advisor who gives me personalized advice that helps build my portfolio and my confidence? now you're talking. no wonder ameriprise financial has been named the #1 most trusted wealth manager. ameriprise financial. advice worth talking about.
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>> i am convinced that our efforts to preempt those kinds of false efforts in the creation of false narratives have been so important. in this case, i think we have had a great deal of disrupting their calculations and demonstrating to the entire world that this is of a premeditated and unprovoked aggression built on a body of lies and false narratives. this is one information war that i think putin is losing. >> that was cia director at a congressional hearing on thursday defending the white house decision to preemptively release intelligence about what russia is planning the director of national intelligence joins us now to assess the strategy. good morning to you. your assessment of what he is calling and information war that
6:37 pm
putin is losing. >> well, i think the intelligence community did exactly what he was supposed to. putting out very clear and obvious intelligence about what the russians plan to deal. the problem, maria, once again, the ad biden administration did not listen to that intelligence. in afghanistan, the intelligence was clear about what would happen. joe biden and toward that. it led to a terrible embarrassing defeat. same thing here. the intelligence was clear. we all knew what vladimir putin was going to deal. for months and months. the intelligence was clear about his plans to invade ukraine. the biden administration engaged in a strategy that defined that intelligence. it was an if then strategy. we heard that 1000 times if we
6:38 pm
heard it once. if russia invades then we will impose sanctions. if russians invade then we will give ukrainians what they need. it is really put them in an unattainable position. we can all marvel at how well they are doing and how they are outperforming their russian counterparts on the battlefield, but the russians are still advancing because they are larger stronger and they are more of them. as a result of the biden's administration failure to listen , the ukrainians don't have what they need. they still don't. i am afraid we have put them in an untenable position because we have not listen to the intelligence. >> so, john, lindsey graham was just with me saying the biden administration views vladimir putin as a partner. a partner in the iran deal. maybe it is good what they are releasing, but there is a whole
6:39 pm
host of things that they are not releasing. tell me about that. >> right. you are getting all kinds of intelligence on what russia is doing, you are getting no intelligence, the american people really don't know what is happening with the ukrainian nuclear deal. all the tough talk about what will happen with russia. the lead negotiator in the u.s. iranian nuclear deal is russia. specifically the russian negotiator who is dealing with the iranians directly. when we talk about intelligence, what our intelligence tells us, is really in german is that the iranians cheated on the original nuclear deal, that's why the trump administration withdrew. they were spending at unpermitted levels. they were storing heavy water needed for nuclear weapons not permitted. they were importing technologies they were hiding testing
6:40 pm
facilities from investigators. they lied. they cheat. they were not trustworthy. the biden administration is so intent on getting a deal that we are using russian negotiators to come together with any deal with the iranians on this. it really comes down to, korea, not wanting to admit they were wrong. the biden administration does not want to admit that their policies are wrong. they want iranian oil in the marketplace. a million barrels a day to bring down prices and they are willing to cut a deal with the terrorist regime and using other, you know , russian bad actor to negotiate a terrible deal rather than admit that they are wrong and they should reverse the trump administration policies on energy independence and security. it is so hypocritical and it is just astonishing to me the link
6:41 pm
that they will go for a political when or political victory and not admit that what they have done is wrong and is jeopardizing national security. it is just shameful. >> tell me about the new terms that they are talking about. last week we thought that we were getting a pause in the talks with iran deal because russia was making new demands. >> well, so, the clause that is now being considered unbelievably is a carveout that allows russia and iran to engage in any kind of transaction that they want which means in the international marketplace, it really means that all of these sanctions against russia for their war crimes in ukraine, iran can money launder, essentially be the money launder or for any russian activity under this deal. of course it is a huge win for iran because they get rich from the oil that is on the international marketplace when
6:42 pm
sanctions are lifted. they will also get aliens of dollars, they will have their terrorist, or their revolutionary guard delisted as terrorist, it is just an insult to american security and the fact that the main street media is not covering this is just outrageous. >> there is another issue i wanted to talk to you about. i know you've been unable to discuss it in the past, but can you tell us more about the iranian government's plan to pretty much kill mike pompeo. what can you tell us? >> i think what is out there in terms of public reporting, again , the biden administration is cutting a deal desperately, any deal. not just negotiating with terrorists, but giving them a blank check. if you talked about, maria,
6:43 pm
while we were negotiating last night firing a dozen ballistic missiles at the u.s. consulate in iraq. they do have ongoing assassination plans for former trump administration officials. these are the people that the biden administration would rather deal with than admit that they were wrong and, again, allow american energy production to begin. they would rather cut a deal with iran. they would rather cut a deal with venezuela. they'd rather cut it deal with terrorist and dictator said have the consequent hundred -- consequences. it is a direct result of the biden administration policies to reverse trump administration energy independence. >> it is just extraordinary.
6:44 pm
what we have been able to find out is at the state department said it is paying more than $2 million a month to provide 24 hour security to mike pompeo and brian hoke both of whom face "serious and credible threats" from iran. john radcliffe, real quick on this assessment of the intelligence. we have new intel assessments released last week. any takeaways from that that you want to share? i know that you had mentioned the cyber threat as well. >> we talked about the cyber threat from, you know, potential attacks from russia. the intelligence community assessment which is inaccurate one is that our greatest cyber adversary in terms of cyber espionage and cyber attacks is china right now. china, russia, north korea, iran , in regards to
6:45 pm
cybersecurity issues, generally speaking, the intelligence community assessment does acknowledge a shift in the first time talks about china being, you know, our greatest national security threat which is something that, you know, many of us in the trump administration i've been saying and were criticized at the time. i think that there is an honest shift as regards to the intelligence community of the existential threat of china and china poses to the united states long-term. >> john, thank you very much for weighing in on all of this. we appreciate your time. coming up. as vladimir putin made himself foolproof? longtime kremlin critic on the longtime kremlin critic on the future of putin's regime longtime kremlin critic on the future of putin's regime longtime kremlin critic on the future of putin's regime longtime kremlin critic on the future of putin's regime it's beautiful out here. it sure is. and i earn 5% cash back on travel purchased through chase with chase freedom unlimited. that means that i earn 5% on our rental car, i earn 5% on our cabin.
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>> i think putin is definitely
6:49 pm
-- my first meeting with him was in 2004. now, please, his mental capacity is completely different. i think that he is a mad person. >> former president of ukraine on this program last week with me from kyiv live. the former world chess grand master who fled his native russia because of political persecution. gary is the chairman of the renewed democracy. the author of the book winter is coming. why vladimir putin in the enemies of the free world must be stopped. give us your assessment this morning. >> good morning. things are getting worse on the ground in ukraine. despite the resistance, they cannot control the skies.
6:50 pm
they have increased their tax to the western part of ukraine. we are witnessing war crimes on an industrial scale. every time that the president of the united states declares american attention not to use force and not too close skies. we cannot escalate. putin is escalating. weakness. the only way to win this battle, battle against evil is to interfere now and help them to rebel russian attacks. >> it is just extraordinary. this slow walk approach to stopping putin. is he vulnerable, in your view? the russians have to take him out. is that even possible?
6:51 pm
>> no dictator is bulletproof or foolproof. people around him should assess whether he is still in control and his war is successful or not it is very difficult to use nato to help ukrainians when the fight. they are still considering putin as a vital partner for this horrible deal. president biden met vladimir putin at a summit in geneva last june. two lengthy phone calls last fall. we were told that these calls were about ukraine. i think not all ukraine. they discussed a number of issues. russia still playing the role in this negotiation. that is why putin is quite confident that america will not intervene. >> unbelievable. stay with us.
6:52 pm
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welcome back. we are back with the chairman of room mood democracy. are these sanctions working? you have said in the past vladimir putin could be the richest person in the world. >> yes. he can look at the website we are running just to see that america is lagging sanctions and supply. it is about policy. it's about strategy. putin wins.
6:56 pm
i don't see the american administration is viewing this situation and these terms. they need help. air support and every piece of ammunition we can deliver to them. putin keeps escalating in america must take a stand now. there is advertising. we need heroes in ukraine. but we don't have leadership. we need american leadership. >> yeah, gary, what have you heard from people on the ground in terms of the impact of their lives? we hear more bloodshed every day >> putin will never stop until he is stopped. there will be more and more victims that will see these horrible images. he is spreading his attack across ukraine.
6:57 pm
now it is western ukraine. it's only time before he escalates. we better do it now before it's too late. >> gary, thank you so much. have a good sunday. i will see you tomorrow on foxbusiness. foxbusiness. mornings with maria is foxbusiness. mornings with maria is that was quick. and rewarding. i earn 3% cash back at drugstores with chase freedom unlimited. that means i earn on my bug spray and my sunscreen. you ready to go fishing? i got the bait. i also earn 5% on travel purchased through chase on this rental car. that lake is calling my name! don't you get seasick? we'll find out! come on. and i earn 3% on dining including takeout. so much for catching our dinner. some people are hunters. some are gatherers. i'm a diner. pow!
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♪ ♪ >> hello everyone welcome to "kudlow" i am larry kudlow. president joe biden finally banned imports of russian oil and natural gas. that is a big news story. i think it was tragic that once again president missed an opportunity to bring the great american oil and gas industry back into the good graces of the white house. miss the opportunity. he had a chance to say we need you to open the spigots full throttle in


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